Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Erin for RVCA

Do you like amercan music I like american musicDont you like american music babyI want you to hold meI want your arms around meI want you to hold me babyDid you do too many drugsI did too many drugsDid you do too many drugs too babyYou were born too lateI was born too soonBut every time I look at that ugly moonIt reminds me of youIt reminds me of you ooh ooh oohI need a date to the promWould you like to come alongBut nobody would go to the prom with me babyThey didnt like american musicThey never heard american musicThey didnt know the music was in my soul baby

we love chino, we help chino, we want him to be good!!Let's have a look on itttt litttledarling;)


litttledarling said...

jajajaj oookey, vy yaa, tlas pngo en estas ultimas,no?? dos alusiones a samu hoy, y tb un casi'especial' de wasson, estará contento

litttledarling said...

ajjaaaj si gracias!!está superfelizzzz