Thursday, April 16, 2009


I came today from the shop really surprised after seeing the american edition of Vogue in Alicante. I didn't buy it because it costs 7 euros and I didn't have enaugh cash, but maybe I'll buy it tomorrow.
Singer-actress-superstar Beyoncé surprised a troupe of young dancers from one of Alvin Ailey's community programs in New York with the offer of a lifetime: a chance to appear with the star in a Mario Testino spread for Vogue, according to On the cover she looks very pretty, natural, and elegant. She's also been interviewed for and I was amazed by her simpathy, and how can she be so normal. I mean, she's one of the most famous singers, unless for me she's the best one, so nowasays is so hard to see such a celebrety like her, talking like she does, having the idea of family that she has, and being as natural as she is. I really liked the interview, the photos, and for sure, she.
-Here you can see some of the pictures:
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If you want to see Beyoncé's interview for Vogue USA click the following link :

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