Monday, March 8, 2010


We used to say that we were brother and sister.We used to think , nothing was ever bitter.Today I break my promises to stay out of the emptyness, today let´s make our promises, for tomorrow. We used to play all the games where no one´s the winner, we used to laugh and make lies some live in better.


Nacho said...

Begoña, me encanta esa canción!!

(GG is back today,can't wait!!)

Bea said...

ay estoy supr enganchada a esa peli, la he visto mil veces jajaja

esterplace said...

Me encanta esta pelicula, la vi hace tiempo y cuando escuche la cancion de tu blog, me acorde de ella y la volvi a ver xD


Anonymous said...

jdr, no me digas q alexandra no es igualita????

Elodie said...

Your blog is really amazing! Your photos are beautiful, I love all!
PS ; I love this film, I saw it about ten times ;)

Hope you come visit/follow me back xxx, Elodie